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Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town

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Crew & Safety - when swimming with sharks

Supreme Sharks CrewShark diving can provide you with a unique opportunity to witness the wonders of the Great White shark in a safe and professional environment. Our clients are briefed thoroughly to avoid any misunderstandings or accidents. At Supreme Sharks we are dedicated to the conservation of these magnificent ocean predators and operate in a professional and responsible way.

Diving with Supreme Sharks assures you an education about the biology and conservation of the Great White sharks. You will also come away knowing a lot more about sharks and the role played by Supreme Sharks to aid their conservation. We are blessed and grateful each and every day for the opportunity to work with the greatest predators of the ocean and we are committed to protect the Great White shark by causing them no harm.

Supreme Sharks complies with a strict set of safety regulations, required by the South African Government Department of Labour. Our trained, experienced and specialist crew consists of a Dive Master, Level 3 Medic and a Skipper with SAMSA authority. With the combined knowledge of the crew we ensure you that every situation is handled in a professional and skilled manner.

Supreme Sharks' crew are all trained to handle any emergency situation.

Supreme Sharks complies with a strict set of safety regulations required by the South African Government department of labour. The boat, cage and diving equipment are inspected and surveyed by SAMSA, Marine and Coastal Management, and daily by our Supreme Sharks crew.

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safety first when swimming with sharks

safety first when cage diving with sharks

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