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Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town

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The Boat and Cage


Great White is 12.5 meter in length and is powered by 2x 300HP Yamaha 4-stroke eco-friendly engines and complies with the regulations as set by SA Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA). We maintain the vessel’s safety standards by means of rigorous annual inspections conducted by SAMSA to ensure the safety of all our passengers.

shark cage diving gansbaaiThe SAMSA approved safety equipment on board consists of a cell phone, ICASA operated radio, first aid kit, life jackets and two life rafts certified to carry 65 passengers. Great White is spacious and comfortable which contributes to an AWESOME shark cage diving experience.

Our boat is one of the more stable vessels in the industry ensuring minimum sea sickness and can accommodate 32 passengers and 5 crew members. Our crew consists of a skipper, dive master, videographer, bait handler and a deckhand.

shark cage diving gansbaaiAt Supreme Sharks, we’re dedicated to the conservation of the Great White shark, super-predators of the oceans and are proud to offer you the unique experience of coming face to face with these wonderful creatures in a safe and professionally organised manner. To avoid accidents and unexpected incidents, we ensure that all our guests are thoroughly briefed before the trip.

One of the things our clients ask is whether shark cage diving is safe, and we say yes! As one of the safest activities and a lifetime experience not to be missed, it is also regulated by a Code of Conduct and regulations from MCM, (Marine and Coastal Management) and DEAT (Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism).


At Supreme Sharks, we’re dedicated to the conservation of the Great White shark, super-predators of the oceans and are proud to offer you this life-changing experience of meeting these wonderful creatures in a safe and professional manner. To avoid accidents, we ensure that all our guests are thoroughly briefed before and during the trip. Your safety is most DEFINITELY our first priority.

The shark proof cage is made from galvanized steel and is exceptionally strong, making it safe for viewing sharks and other ocean-life up close. It is professionally engineered and covered with a security mesh. It is 4.5 meters in length and spacious with support bars for your hands and feet to provide you with a firm grip and stability. This not only contributes to your safety, but allow you to photograph the sharks underwater in a safe manner. As we are dedicated to the conservation of this endangered species, the cage is built without any sharp edges that might harm them.
The cage is firmly attached to the side of the boat and about eight divers can comfortably fit into the cage at a time. Divers climb into the cage from the lower deck with the help of the dive master and the galvanized steel lid is then closed until you are ready to come out or until it is the next group’s turn. Time spent in the cage varies according to shark activity and water temperature.

The cage is at least 60 centimeters above the water while the rest of the cage is submerged at about two meters deep.

the vessel 'great white'If this is your first time entering the cage, it is natural to feel a little intimidated. Our crew ensures your safety as their highest priority and you can enjoy your first encounter with the Great White shark confidently!

We cater for both the adventure junkie who would like to view the Carcharion Charcharias from within the cage, as well as the not-so-adventurous who are happy to view the Great Whites from our deck. Both options are available and especially the view from our upper deck allows for great photography!

Good to know:

  • We provide all the necessary diving equipment
  • We have adequate insurance coverage
  • We are well prepared for emergencies and should it be necessary our qualified first aiders on board are trained to assist.
  • We are in constant contact with the harbor master via cellphone and radio communication. 
  • We carry all SAMSA approved emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits, life jackets and life rafts on the boat.
  • Our boat is maintained on a daily basis to ensure the safety and comfort of our passengers.

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The "Great White"
12.5 meter
Width4 meter
Engine HP
2 x 300
Engine MakeYamaha
Boat Type Lee Cat
Capacity37 people

shark cage diving gansbaai 

shark cage diving gansbaai

shark cage diving gansbaai

shark cage diving gansbaai

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